Finally Got Out!

With the getting out of Donald trump to the White House, world can come back to believe in a bright future.

All around the world we have to hope for the year just started, that a few number of populism will be stopped in that countries where they continue to grow up.

I think to China above of Russian, above of Brazil, Poland, Hungary, Venezuela and all the countries where politicians don’t get interest of their own people.

In these countries, the rulers are acting to protect their own interests rather than their own voters, and when they do so, the legacy they produce is anger and frustration.

In the economy, as in a number of other aspects of a country’s life, a mandate from one country, it is enough to cause damage that a country will cause time for various lustres.

It happened everywhere, in Italy, for example, the last Berlusconi government ended in advance and the country was entrusted to Monti, which, through its reforms, saved us from failure.

The way they take power is to speculate, everyone speaks with simplistic messages that go to the voters’ belly.

None of them is failing to interfeit in the electorate’s consent by proposing, as a defender of the valour of their homeland, saying that they want to protect their own country first.

The most utilised message, then following on from now, is usually an anathema against a specific ethnic group, which is considered to be the evil of its own country.

Of course, there can be no shortage of a reference to religion and the Christian message that they alone, they say, understand correctly.

If everyone studied history, they would notice how, this way of communicating is repeated in power signatures that seek to defend the constituent values, and over time turn into systems where power is concentrated in one person, with the consequences that we know about denied rights and freedoms.

They take power by talking about defending values, then slowly and inexorably discrediting those values precisely because, although they have served to give them power, nothing to conceive, but at a time when they no longer serve and could potentially take power away from them become enemies to demolve.

Exactly this, has tried to make Donald trump with the American elections by questioning the system that four years before elected him in favour of a law that did not favour it this time.

Unfortunately, it happens everywhere, unfortunately the signatures in which they degenerate, we have seen and we see them every day.

They go from the inability to provide timely answers to problems of contemporaryity – pandemic management where governments are populist and demagogic – to true authoritarian abuses such as in Poland and Hungary, where governments have done at this time, authoritarian laws that test those countries of globally recognised fundamental human rights.

For this reasons now we can celebrate the way out of Donald trump by the USA government as a party for everyone of us.

Finally he got out to the Balls!

Era ora! Finally!

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Mi emozionano le cose belle della vita, come tornare a casa e trovare mia figlia di due anni sulla porta di casa ad attendermi e accogliermi con il suo sorriso e la sua vocina che mi urla papà!!!!! Ma allo stesso mi emoziono al pari nel sentire mia figlia grande leggere in inglese alla sola età di 4 anni, o vedere mia moglie prendersi cura di entrambe con grande amore. le emozioni che mi vengono dalla mia vita personale sono il motore pulsante con cui affronto il lavoro, un energia inesauribile che alimenta la mia passione per questo lavoro.

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