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How to be Great Chef!

When I decided to subscribe to MIUMIUM, I did not think it could give me any serious feedback, in fact only recently I started to have them, and in having them understand why. I will not explain it in this area but I can say that in life when you walk a path then you can not back down to the first difficulties, especially if you do a job like this where to face difficulties means to face each day and yourself that surrounds us and that always asks us for news.

Being a chef means to do something for which then who eats our food will remember us for better or for worse, so when I then have the opportunity to explain to young people the healthy path to follow I always try to tell them that there are no boundaries in mind Mindful. From the study of history we have the basics of knowledge both in the important issues and in the construction of a good chef of cooking, then in giving demonstration of my statements I try to show them how many beauties there are in the history of Italian cuisine. My dishes are an act of love towards it, cooking for me is equal to just love my wife and my daughters, I could never betray them!


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